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Haleiwa, Hawaii

Welcome to Sirensong Wetsuits' Online Boutique!  

"She wore it because she wanted to "

Team Rider Jasmine

We love our team!  Jasmine is our wakesurfing representative...



Summer Ivy  

Jade Wheatley


Jasmine Long

Jasmine Long

Jasmine is a wake surfer from the gorgeous Pacific Northwest.  She is 19 years old and lives in Lake Sutherland, WA.  Her favorite spots to shred are PA Point in Washington and Short Sands in Oregon.  Jasmine just took 3rd place in Worlds in Las Vegas and we are so proud of her!  We're also kind in awe of her recent accomplishments nailing a 360 and landing a revert 540! 

Jasmine feels a bond to Sirensong because she is an artist herself (already has been featured in some fine art shows!) and our unique designs connect to her belief that attire should be as special as the person rocking it!  From a fellow artist and athlete, her faith in our mission and company means the world to us.  


A big mahalo to our Indiegogo sponsor, Peter Lorenzen, for helping make this sponsorship happen!