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Haleiwa, Hawaii

Welcome to Sirensong Wetsuits' Online Boutique!  

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Sirensong Wetsuits' news and blog.

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New and Improved Online Shopping!

Jamie DeFay Collins

We are so excited to have finally 'graduated' to a more user-friendly e-commerce shopping system.  Our new online boutique (hosted by Shopify) gives customers the option to make accounts to streamline future orders and check on the status of existing orders, ...AND, it allows us to reward our existing customers for their loyalty!  Filtering by size, price, etc. is now much easier, and our payment options have expanded to include PayPal as well as credit cards. 

Promo codes from the previous shop have been migrated to the new one, and we're offering a 15% discount valid now through April 1...

✔ Use code blog31116 to redeem this offer.

We've got some awesome new Signature Collection pieces in the new shop, with more coming very soon.

Our Premium Ready-to-Wear pieces are also available in limited sizes, but are selling out quickly.  Stay tuned for new versions of Wanderlust and Poema this spring, along with some other fabulous new designs.

As always, sending love and light out to all of you!


Jamie DeFay Collins,
Sirensong Founder & Designer

...By the way, if there are suggestions for improvement with the new shop, please let us know!  I haven't forgotten some of the kind messages of constructive criticism I received upon making my first website, and how little changes suggested to me made a big difference in improving our online presence.  ♡ Mahalo ♡

An update on our Signature Collection...

Jamie DeFay Collins

Sirensong Signature Collection

Many of you have been asking...

  • Are you bringing back the Signature Collection?  
  • When will they be available?  
  • How much will they cost?  
  • Can I order something custom?

So here is the scoop, direct from the mouth of Sirensong's Owner and Designer:

If you ordered from us, or considered ordering from us in the past, you may have noticed the rather absurd wait time on orders... 4 months+ was a common turn-around time due to several factors, including the impossible combination of heavy demand and the fact that all of the wetsuits are designed with loving care and attention by a single person, moi (eek!), whilst trying to run and grow this business, and work a part time job to help support my family.  No complaints - this is my passion! - just an frank explanation as to why these suits can't be churned out overnight.  

So with that in mind, YES - we are bringing back the Signature Collection!
...but our business model has changed.  Moving forward, our Signature Collection suits will be posted for sale in our shop after they are created.  It's important to my artistic vision for Sirensong that I maintain control over the designs we put out, and that as a company, we work within our means and ability to create, so as to avoid the ridiculous backlogs of times past.  I'm doing this not only for my own sanity, but for the sanity of our clients.  Have faith - it's better this way.  

Pricing on the Signature Collection will reflect the effort that goes into designing and finishing each wetsuit.  Expect to pay a bit more for these suits, and expect it to be well worth it!  

We will also be introducing some customized versions of our existing Premium Ready-to-Wear collections.  Stay tuned for more information - these limited edition Premium suits will combine the best of both of our primary collections - exciting stuff and beautiful pieces are on their way soon!

Thanks for your support, your kind words, and your aloha!


Jamie DeFay Collins