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Haleiwa, Hawaii

Welcome to Sirensong Wetsuits' Online Boutique!  

"She wore it because she wanted to "

Exciting News!


Sirensong Wetsuits' news and blog.

Exciting News!

Jamie DeFay Collins

Aloha all!  
Finally, I have a bunch of good news to report! 

I'll start with the fact that Customs has finally responded to my petition!  (Happy dance!)

They have agreed to let me recover my wetsuits inventory, pending removal of the zippers that were used (a trademark issue - long story).  What this boils down to is that I'll be swapping out all of the existing zippers with high quality replacements - so despite the regretful delay, there is a silver lining after all...the wetsuits will come out of this process better than they went into it.   I am scheduled to begin the modification process next Thursday (October 2), and once all of the legal red tape clears, I will have the suits!

I can't tell you how agonizing this has been for me....but my prayers have finally been answered


Kaitlyn Dever wearing Sirensong -    ©  Teen Vogue

Kaitlyn Dever wearing Sirensong -  ©Teen Vogue

In other exciting news, Sirensong was featured in a photo spread in the latest issue of Teen Vogue!  

We sent a batch of suits off to the mag at their request back in July, and have been waiting to find out if we made it into the issue.  Well, we did!  Pictures included in this post!  (It's the Young Hollywood issue if you want to grab a copy.)



Bella Thorne wearing Sirensong -  ©Teen Vogue

Bella Thorne wearing Sirensong -  ©Teen Vogue

Lastly, I want to thank all of you who have been waiting for their pre-orders! 

Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for your patience and understanding!  I had an inkling, but really, no idea quite how difficult it would be to start a wetsuit company.  It's been a learning process full of ups and downs.  But something I wouldn't trade for the world.