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Haleiwa, Hawaii

Welcome to Sirensong Wetsuits' Online Boutique!  

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Sirensong Wetsuits' news and blog.

August Updates

Jamie DeFay Collins

Aloha!  It’s Jamie and Mikaela here with an update for Sirensong....

    While our core inventory of wetsuits arrived in Hawaii on June 24th, we have encountered an unexpected and unfortunate roadblock getting them released by Customs.  We’ve filed a petition and recently learned that Customs won’t review our case and make a determination until mid-late September.  Yikes!  We're not gonna sugarcoat it – this unforeseen turn of events has been distressing, demoralizing, and has wrought a bucket of frustrated tears.  We know the clock is ticking on springsuit season in many parts of the world, and we want to have our wetsuits available to you ladies as soon as possible!  

Please know…whatever the outcome with the Customs situation, we won’t let this stop us.  Sirensong is up to whatever challenges may come our way!

As you can imagine, the past weeks have been difficult dealing with this blow, but amidst the storm we've been scrambling to find solutions.  We’ve been seeking out new manufacturers – looking for a Plan B and working to ensure a bright future for Sirensong.  We have several solid leads, and are confident that when the dust settles, we’ll be able to look back at this experience as a mere bump in the road. 

For those who have pre-ordered or are considering doing so…
While there is no question that we will fulfill our pre-orders, what it comes down to, is when?  We are clearly looking at a significant delay.  The good news is that the overwhelming majority of the Sirensong supporters already aware of this situation have reached out with messages of encouragement, patience, and reassurance.  We are beyond thankful and can’t tell you how buoyed our spirits are as a result.  Starting a business is a rocky road and to quote from an email received the other day from one of our Indiegogo supporters, ‘part of supporting a start-up is understanding that, and being patient when bumps in the road occur’. 

Today we are feeling gratitude, and feeling hopeful as we steadily overcome this hurdle and move forward to the next exciting, and hopefully smoother chapter of this endeavor.

Warmest aloha to you all and mahalo for your patience!


Jamie & Mikaela