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Haleiwa, Hawaii

Welcome to Sirensong Wetsuits' Online Boutique!  

"She wore it because she wanted to "


Sirensong Wetsuits' news and blog.

Sirensong is now on Indiegogo!

Jamie DeFay Collins

We're in the final stretch of the long journey toward launching the collection.  It's amazing how much work goes into launching a wetsuit company.  I have barely stopped to catch my breath in ages.  Long gone is my disciplined workout schedule, ample time spent hiking and enjoying nature, dance classes, or afternoon surf sessions.  Squeeze in a surf before work (if I'm lucky), work, work, work, sleep for far too short of a time, and then repeat.  I've barely even had time to make wetsuits, which is the crazy part.  Because that's why I'm working so make wetsuits!  But I know that the start-up phase will be just that...a phase.  And at some point in the near future I'll be a real, operational company, and I'll be doing what I love and making people happy by providing beautiful, functional water-wear with which to play in.  It WILL happen.  

And the next step of this journey is upon us.  I have launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to help me raise funds for improvements needed here at Sirensong HQ, and as a means of re-engaging with my clientele (it's so hard to stay engaged when I've been so busy, but I've been trying, and will continue to try my best to be accessible and available when questions come up and when people reach out to me).  All that said, probably the most exciting part of the campaign is that I have set it up to take pre-orders.  Finally!  I am taking pre-orders!   My inventory should arrive in June and I will hit the ground running.  

Please head over to my Indiegogo page to have a look.  There's a video and a whole bunch more about where we're at and where we're going.