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Haleiwa, Hawaii

Welcome to Sirensong Wetsuits' Online Boutique!  

"She wore it because she wanted to "


Sirensong Wetsuits' news and blog.

Where we're headed...

Jamie DeFay Collins

A sustainable business model.  That's what I'm working toward.  My aim is to strike a balance between staying true to the customizable, unique, artistic nature of Sirensong Wetsuits, while keeping this business alive, keeping my sanity, and actually getting wetsuits made for all the ladies that want them!   

If you've been following my progression over the past few months, you are well aware that I haven't been taking new orders for quite some time.  Yes, some special exceptions have been made, but mainly I've been working on fulfilling past commitments, from before I stopped taking new orders.  As hard as I work, there just isn't enough time in a the day to get everything done.  It's a good's a good problem to have.  As a designer, my mind is geared toward problem solving.  And so, I have sought out assistance with the basic construction of my wetsuits - manufacturing on a larger scale, in a factory.  I still plan to be hands-on in my design studio, adding the custom printing, lacing on the sides, and all the things that make Sirensong Wetsuits so unique.  Enlisting the help of a manufacture better enables me to take custom orders in the future.  While I'll still be busy painting and finishing each suit once it gets to me, I won't be overloaded with sewing anymore.  And while I love to sew, this too is a good thing.

Feeling optimistic about the future :)