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Haleiwa, Hawaii

Welcome to Sirensong Wetsuits' Online Boutique!  

"She wore it because she wanted to "



What we do, where we're at, where we're going...

Sirensong wetsuits are geared for warm climates/seasons, and are made with neoprene ranging from 2mm - 3mm.  We offer springsuits in either a full coverage "Booty Shorts" bottom, or our *fave*, the cheeky Hawaiian-cut.  Contrasting fabrics and flirty ties round out these uniquely beautiful, feminine, vibrant wetsuits. 

Aloha! Sirensong Wetsuits was founded in 2014 by Jamie DeFay Collins.  Jamie lives on the North Shore of Oahu with her husband and beloved dogs.  All wetsuits and fabrics are designed in Hawaii by Jamie, along with all other aspects of Sirensong Wetsuits.  As a small woman-owned, woman-operated business, I am truly grateful your support! 

Our Signature Collection wetsuits...

...feature hand-painted, silk-screened, and/or printed designs on color-blocked neoprene.  All design work, including painting, printing, and finishing, is done in-house at our workshop in Hawaii, using environmentally-friendly processes and materials.  

Completed Signature Collection wetsuits are posted for sale in our online boutique.  Custom orders may be accepted depending on our designer's workload. 

Each Signature Collection wetsuit is a unique, wearable, and functional piece of art.

Each Signature Collection wetsuit is a unique, wearable, and functional piece of art.

Our Premium Ready-to-Wear wetsuits...

We are proud to offer our range of premium ready-to-wear wetsuits designed by a woman for women. These luxurious wetsuits embody the true spirit of our brand.  They are incredibly flattering, sexy, fun, feminine, comfortable, and fully functional.  

And we call these wetsuits "premium" for good reason: they are made with soft, supple fabrics, and best-in-class, eco-conscious Yamamoto neoprene from Japan... 


Yamamoto Neoprene

What's the deal with Yamamoto neoprene, you ask?

Well...the brilliant folks at Yamamoto have developed a more environmentally-friendly, limestone-based alternative to traditional petroleum-based neoprene.  Beyond the benefits of a smaller carbon footprint, we're talking neoprene that is lighter, warmer, stretchier, more buoyant, and more durable than the status quo - what's not to love?